Friday, September 19, 2014


This was a fun piece. I've loved Popeye, especially the brilliant Fliescher Brothers studio animated cartoons. So funny and well done, blowing away Disney animation at the time. 
 Anyway, this was for the official Popeye Anniversary art show at Hero Complex Gallery. One of four - not counting my artists proof. 
Wanted to do something fun, and show all the major players of the ol' Thimble Theater newspaper strip cartoons and the Fliescher animated shorts. Thought Popeye knocking Bluto out would be appropriate, then it just morphed into Popeye literally knocking Bluto right out of the frame. 

Another update...

Another piece! This one, of course, is a papercut homage to the incomparable Drsgon's Lair from Don Bluth studios. Done for Bottleneck Gallery's video game show. Daphne there was very very tiny. 

And another update!

I'll try to get caught up. Like I said, I wasn't just sitting idle. Though I bet some of you thought so. Shame on you. 
  Here's another piece that was shown at both Rothick Art Haus and Bottleneck Gallery for each of their respective video game themed shows.
The Keeper of Wisdom:

Wait, what?

Its been HOW long since my last update here? Whoa. Sorry about that. I've been kinda swamped lately, but I have been getting stuff done! For serious. 
  So first I realize I haven't shown the full piece of this:
Yup, you guessed right, that's a Metroid in a containment cylinder, from SNES Super Metroid. Showcased at Bottleneck Gallery in New York and at Rothick Art House in Anaheim CA.